Mpabbe Distanced Himself From The Paris Saint-Germain’s Promotional Video

Kylian Mbappe has criticized Paris Saint-Germain after they used him in a video to promote season ticket sales, without informing him how the interview would be used.

The video released by PSG on Wednesday features snippets from an interview with Mbappe, in which he talks about the club and its supporters. It links to the ticketing section on the club’s website.

“I’ve just taken part in the season ticketing campaign of the club for 2023-24,” Mbappe said on social media.

“At no moment was I informed of the content of the interview… It looked like a primary interview at a club marketing day.

“I disagree with the video that was published. This is why I am fighting for individual image rights. PSG is a great club and family, but it is certainly not Kylian Saint-Germain.”

Sources have told ESPN that PSG put the situation down to a misunderstanding with Mbappe and will work to resolve the issue internally.

Last year, ESPN reported that Mbappe refused to participate in a team photo and sponsor activities for the France national team.

At the time, the striker said his image rights dispute with the French Football Federation (FFF) was a “collective move” to help fellow teammates, with the FFF saying it would review its agreement on players’ image rights.

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